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At various times we always need a new email. we expect a free E mail service provider to be of high quality, high storage and reliable. We have prepared a list of the most reliable and highest email providers for you. If you are looking for a free email service provider, this list is for you. I have evaluated and listed the top 10 e-mail service providers for you.

There will be unlimited fields in the email services you choose below. Most also have an easy to use web interface. It is also advantageous in terms of mobile display, but there may be some limitations in storage. You can review them from the list and select them according to your preferences.

If you’re ready now, let’s look at the best email providers I’ve listed for you.

1. Gmail – Free Email Provider


Gmail, the world’s largest search engine, Google’s free email service, gives practically unlimited space.
The user interface is very useful and, in fact, cleverly designed, it comes with many features.

Gmail can run contextual ads on pages where emails are read.

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2. – Free Email Provider


Outlook, the new name of the old Hotmail provided by Microsoft, offers you unlimited space for e-mail retrieval. It is very simple and convenient to use on mobile. Since I have an e-mail service that I use, I can easily say that it also restricts unsolicited messages.

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3. Yandex.Mail – Free Email Provider


Yandex, which started the search engine service in our country in recent years, provides e-mail service with strong web access, mobile applications and unlimited storage. The interface is simple and convenient.

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4. iCloud Mail – Free Email Provider


iCloud is a free email service for Apple users. I would say it is very useful with the functional web app and of course the iOS app.

5. Zoho Mail – Free E-mail Provider


I can say that Zoho Mail provides a robust email service with large storage, POP and IMAP access, instant messaging and online office packages. In fact Zoho Mail is aimed at professional users but I think it is easy to use and at least it should be listed as an alternative.

6. Yahoo! Mail – Free E-mail Provider


Yahoo! Mail on the web and can work anywhere. Everywhere I say, in terms of tablet and mobile use. It also provides instant messaging. Partially allow an unlimited e-mail reception. It is also possible to say that the spam filter works effectively.

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7. AIM Mail – Free Email Provider


AIM Mail is another free email service offered by AOL. It is easy to use, it is also noticeable for spam. Unfortunately, AIM Mail is a bit lacking for smart folders and tagging. But I think it is available.

8. and GMX Mail – Free Email Provider


The good thing about and GMX Mail is that it has unlimited online storage and a rich web interface that can also be used with mobile applications. POP and IMAP access is available as a paid plug-in. Let’s say this is the only drawback.

9. – Free Email Provider

inbox-mail only gives you 5 GB to store your online mail. Although it is possible to say that it is partially useful, unfortunately it is only included in this list as an alternative to the above services.

10. My Way Mail – Free Email Provide


My Way Mail is a clean and fast email service. However, it is weak in terms of the advanced features provided by secure messaging and other services. It is here as an alternative because it provides a free postal service.



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