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Content in this Article: We shared free spotify premium accounts and passwords for you. Every account we share was purchased by our website from the spotify website. These free spotify premium accounts no longer need to search on networks like reddit, telegram, discord. Another way to get a Premium Account is to run the free spotify premium accounts generator. If you don’t want to deal with the generator, you can choose one from the free spotify accounts list below.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts And Passwords 2020

Spotify is a worldwide known and loved application. However, as it has a premium feature, it charges you to switch to a certain section. For users who do not have money or have a credit card, we have purchased several accounts and decided to share them.

Free Spotify Account :  [email protected]
Spotify Fre Pass :   Cantipolsa3114

Fre Spotify Acc :  [email protected]
Spotfiy Free Password: verysCo39

Free Spotify Account :  [email protected]
Spotify Fre Pass :   Grah.Tas00

Fre Spotify Acc :  [email protected]
Spotfiy Free Password: FesfirvaRogl

The accounts in this section were purchased by spotify for 1 month. The accounts in this section can be taken and changed by our visitors. because Spotify accounts will be renewed once a week.

Free Spotify Accounts Generator 2020

Spotify account generator is a tool specially designed for the users of our website. The free Spotify Account generator offers special accounts on our website to our supporters. Just share us for Jenerator to work.

 Get Free Spotify Premium Account With Generator!

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You can buy and change the accounts in the account generator as you wish. Because the accounts in the generator are given to you privately. Change the password as soon as you get your spotify account in the generator because there will be those who run the generator with you.

Free Spotify Premium Accounts And Pass List 2020

In this section, we shared spotify premium accounts that will allow you to use the spotify application for 2 months free of charge. These accounts are never presented to you by breaking their password. The accounts are completely leased by our company for 2 Months. We want you not to change the password of the accounts because we offer them for everyone.

These accounts are 100% working and real spotify premium accounts. Premium accounts are offered to our visitors for common use. Average 3 times a month, the above accounts are checked and if the accounts are changed, they are reset and brought back to our website with their new passwords.

Make the Most of Your Free Premium Spotify Account You Received!

free spotify accounts generator

Today, we focus on Spotify mobile apps, one of the most popular music streaming platforms. Below you will find the best Spotify tips on Android and iOS phones. Some of the settings may not be available to free users. With these tips, you can make your Spotify experience much better.

Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Spotify (For Android And IOS)

Narrow Your Search to Reach the Music You Want

There is a way to get better results using different terms in your search. For example, typing “Weezer year: 1992-2002” (without quotes) will force Spotify to show only 20th century songs and albums of the band.

You can also use signs and words such as “+”, “-“, “and”, “not” and “or” when searching for duets.

Reduce the sound quality according to your needs

On Android and iOS, press the “Your Library” button at the bottom of the app, then the “Settings” button at the top right of the screen. Then scroll down until you see the “Music quality” section. Here you can determine the quality of all parts.

Search for the Music You Want with Your Voice (US users only)

free spotify premium accounts- song

Just long press the search button. This feature is currently only available to users in the U.S. If Spotify Voice doesn’t appear in the interface, make sure that Spotify has permission to use your microphone by going to Settings -> Applications -> Permissions.

Other Ways to Search Music with Your Voice on Spotify

You can always use Google Assistant or Siri to interact with the app. It’s not as fast as Spotify Voice, but it saves you from typing. Alternatively, if you have a smart speaker at home, you can control Spotify. While Alexa powered devices work with Spotify Premium, Google Home is even compatible with the free version.

Create Your Own Music And Stream It On Spotify!

Besides millions of songs on Spotify, you can also transfer music from your own library. However, since the mobile application does not have this feature, you will need a computer for this. Here’s how to do it:

Click the ▼ button next to your profile name in the upper-right corner of the desktop app.
Go to Settings -> Local files -> Add a Source. Supported formats include .mp3, .m4p and .mp4.

Check Your Subscription To Prevent Unauthorized Transactions From Your Credit Card

spotify free account

As you know, Spotify Premium is a subscription service that automatically renews itself. If you plan to give up premium and don’t want to be charged for another month, it’s always a good idea to know the day your subscription expires.

To do this, simply log into your account page with a web browser of your choice. One of the first things you should see after logging in is the date when Premium should be renewed. Click “Manage plan” and then change or cancel.

Save Your Weekly Discovery Lists

Discover Weekly playlists are one of Spotify’s highlights. At the beginning of each week, the service uses an advanced algorithm to suggest 30 new songs based on your tastes, and especially those you have recently listened to. The results are usually great, but these playlists are lost and replaced every Monday with new ones. You can use this IFTTT applet to download these lists. Automatically saves all lists for you.

You Can Bring Back The Playlist You Deleted

If for some reason you want to bring back a playlist that you deleted, you can really recover them. Log in to your account page. Then tap on the “Account Overview” slider menu and find “Recover playlists”.

Enable AutoPlay Feature

AutoPlay is a stylish feature that seduces the same album or tracks in your playlist. Here’s how to enable it:

On Android – Tap the “Your Library” button at the bottom of the app, then press the “Settings” button at the top right of the screen. Find AutoPlay and turn it on or off.
On iOS – follow the same steps, then tap the AutoPlay button in the “Playback” header in the “Settings” section.

Just Listen to Your Music

As you may be aware, Spotify shares your current listening activity with friends and followers. However, you can turn it off. To do this, you need to go to your Library -> Social -> Private Session. That is all.

Smooth Transitions Between Songs With Cossfade Feature

In the “Playback” section you can find the Crossfade and Gapless features. The first one automatically mixes the current track with the next one and can be set up to 12 seconds. If you don’t want your songs to mix, but you don’t want space between the songs, simply turn on the Gapless feature.

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